Enterprise Solutions for Digital Assets

More and more, digital assets are running through global supply chains, meaning that businesses all over the world could benefit immeasurably from decentralized ledger technology (specifically, the Factom protocol). In addition to collaborating with the larger Factom protocol community’s efforts to raise awareness of Factom and access capital to fund their endeavors, Block Party plans to build and implement enterprise solutions pertaining to supply chain management and audit compliance.

Serving the Visual Effects Industry

Block Party is building IT security and supply chain management applications serving the Visual Effects industry, a space in which our founding members have worked for years. This industry is ripe for blockchain disruption, for a number of reasons: it utilizes an entirely digital workflow, meaning that everything from the source material to the end product is natively writable to the blockchain; there’s a vast global supply chain involving hundreds of vendors, which could benefit from the implementation of trustless systems; and there are strict standards of audit compliance, with each vendor required to pass security audits.

Why Block Party

At Block Party, we believe solutions built on the Factom protocol can be used to prove documentation in this space, making the entire visual effects audit process easier, cheaper, and more efficient. And we’re building those solutions.